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Larry Luenser has been setting the standard in driveway paving since 1992. Today, our crew is akin to a small army of expert driveway contractors and asphalt technicians. But back when we started, it was more of a one man band.

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We repair and can patch your damaged asphalt driveway. To the domestic customer, we can offer the best local rates in the area and will work around your needs.

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Use Protection This Summer – For Your Asphalt Driveway!

It might feel a long way off, but summer is coming (eventually). And when it does finally get here and it is safe to take off your thermal vest, it might actually get a bit hot. We all know about using protection in the summer sun, when it comes to our skin, because of the […]

Factoring The Cost Of Your Sealcoat

As paving contractors, we get asked to do a lot of quotes over the phone or via email, without actually seeing the driveway in question. We always have to politely inform the customer that it is not possible to give an accurate quote for work, without first seeing the lot that they want seal coating. […]

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We want to hear your voices, ideas, and concerns. Feel free to contact us and we will try to settle things beyond limits.

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