The wedding reception is a great time for the couple to enjoy the first day of their marriage with friends and family. Songs can set the right mood for the celebration so they have to be chosen with care. 

Think of a DJ as the manager of your wedding reception music. As such, you need to meet with them personally before hiring them so you’ll get results exactly as how you envisioned it. To further help you with that, here are a few questions that you should ask: 

1. What songs do you enjoy playing? 

Ask the DJ the types of playlists he has stored. But while knowing more about that, you should also tell him all about your expectations, as well as your own likes and dislikes. When talking to a wedding DJ, describe the kind of wedding reception you have in mind and what sort of songs you want to hear at certain points during the celebration. 

2. What are your suggestions for the wedding ceremony? 

If you are getting married at the party venue, ask the DJ if there’s special audio that has to be installed at the site. Clear this with your wedding planner beforehand. The setup should work or you’ll have to hire another DJ with equipment that would.  

3. What songs do you have for the cocktail hour? 

If you having a cocktail hour and will it be in the same room as the wedding party, then you will need to tell the DJ about it. Cocktail hours are usually spent with guests mingling with each other. Ideally, soft music should be played.  

4. What do you suggest for the first dance? 

Tell the DJ exactly what song will you use for the first wedding dance to see if he has a copy of it or if he can source it out. In case he doesn’t see if he has any other suggestion, but only if you’re amenable to changing your first choice.  

5. Do you do bridal party introductions? 

If you want your family and friends to gather around the dance floor for introductions, then tell the DJ about it. Will the bridal party end up joining you on the dance floor? These things have to be planned beforehand.  

6. What’s your genre? 

Do you want the wedding DJ to play different genres of music throughout the celebration or you want emphasis on a certain type? Are there music or tracks that do not want to be played in your reception? 

7. Do you take song requests? 

How would you like a wedding DJ that can easily take requests from the audience? If this is something that you want, be sure to ask the DJ about it. Is DJs don’t like to take music requests in the same way that couples don’t like DJs to take in all of the guest’s music requests.  

Find the best wedding party DJ in Calgary so you’ll be assured of a grand experience. Weddings are grand celebrations of a beautiful milestone in one’s life. It is only right that it is executed right, especially when it comes to music.